On May 21st, 2006 in Raleigh, North Carolina, Chris "Crass" Darlington drugged two females and sexually assaulted one of them. He has been known to do this to others in the past. If you see him - do not accept any drinks from him, and tell him to leave your show/party IMMEDIATLEY. Women be aware and SPREAD THE WORD!!!


Mix Tape Pirates

I want to announce a new project that I am doing. It is called Mix Tape Pirates. Our website is . I love punk and hardcore, and I love mix tapes, and I love sharing them. So I decided to start a mix tape distro, making it easier for people to share their mix tapes with others and get new music out there. So with mix tape pirates we put listings of mix tapes we have on the site, you make a mix tape and send it to us, tell us what mix tape you want from us and we send it to you. We than take your mix tape and make it available for copying and sharing with others. You don't pay for anything except for the tape you made the mix tape with, and the envelope and stamp you used. I want this to become a community that works together to build up a tape library and get new music out all over the world. So all I need now is you to start making tapes. Again, the website is .

Oh shit, I almost forgot to say that we will share mix Cd's as well.